"Exercising Controlled Motion"

Who is using it? “Balance is a necessary component in everysuccessful golf swing! The DBS system

PGA Learning Center Sports Balance Technology was chosen as a PGA Partner for the PGA Learning Center in Port St. Lucie, FL- home of "PGA University". The DBS is used daily for swing assessments as well as individual and group instruction. It is considered one of the state-of-the-art teaching tools available onsite. The PGA Learning Center is also assisting in the collection normative dynamic balance swing graphs of tour professionals!

I did what?!” is the common answer we get when we show our students their balance graph for the first time. Because the swing happens so fast, it is very difficult to tell what just transpired in the shot.
The DBS not only shows you visually, it also tells you through positive and negative audio feedback; which is amazing for gaining awareness to the happenings in your swing!

When the awareness kicks in, breakthroughs are around the corner!

--Shawn Clement, CPGA
Richmond Hill Country Club, Ontario, Canada