"Exercising Controlled Motion"

Usage in Golf

Rick Bradshaw, PGA Teaching Professional
"The New Standard for Golf Instruction"
- Rick Bradshaw, PGA Teaching Professional

Golf Instruction and Golf Schools
The DBS's versatile capabilities of real-time balance training (through improved kinesthetic awareness), audio feedback and enhanced video training improves the communication and learning during a lesson.

The DBS is easily used with a remote mouse (so you are spending minimal time at the keyboard), incorporating the immediate feedback as you feel it is appropriate to reinforce your instructions and within your teaching style.

Progress is documented and saved on the computer for future comparisons. The client can leave each lesson with a print-out (on YOUR letterhead) denoting improvement and your comments for practice-so they can continue to progress next lesson!

Ideal for group classes:

"The Dynamic Balance System-DBS is the best tool I have worked with for showing a student what is happening with one of the most important components of the swing-their balance. Through its' direct feedback capabilities, the DBS helps the instructor teach the right swing for the student. This allows the student to "see what the right swing feels like," thereby communicating a normally difficult concept. I would recommend the DBS to students and instructors alike."

-Kevin Rhoads, PGA Professional

Driving Range

Golfers spend time on the range to improve their game, whether it is to become more consistent or to change their swing. Improvement is obtained with hard work, repetition and feedback.
Consider your client's reaction while hitting on your range-

After several seconds, the graph is erased, they repeat their pre-swing routine and hit again! Clients will find their practice time more rewarding.

"For the first time my clients can feel how to properly shift their weight during the golf swing. They are amazed at how quickly they improve their ball striking once they GET IT! The DBS has made an immediate impact on revenue generated, and I know it will help me grow my business."

--Jay Platt, PT, ATC, CSCS, The Golf Academy at Circle C, BACKtoGOLF Performance Center, Austin, TX

Specificity of Club-Fitting
Club-fitting is as much an art as it is a science. The golfer must make adjustments (compensations) based on the equipment in their hands to achieve good ball contact.

"Properly fit clubs and a balanced motion can produce excellent performance. Incorrectly fitted clubs are a principle cause of imbalance. We use the DBS daily to detect compensations to a truly balanced swing. With the Dynamic Balance System we get to the bottom line quicker, cleaner, and more consistently!"

-Charlie Cowan, PGA Professional
 Symbiotic Golf at Deer Creek G.C, Deerfield Beach, FL

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Helping clients with Disabilities enjoy Golf!
Golf can be physically demanding! Clients with orthopeadic problems, limited mobility, amputations, neurological conditions, etc. can still enjoy their game and play well. The DBS's immediate feedback capabilities (balanced movement, audio and enhanced video) can assist these clients in learning the "feel" of a consistent, repetitive swing motion.

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