"Exercising Controlled Motion"

Usage in Exercise

"State-of-the-Art Tool Designed to Address Specificity of Exercise Performance"

How important is Sports-specific Balance training?
The Dynamic Balance System-DBS™ has been used in training for golf, tennis, baseball, karate, bowling and dance. The real-time feedback capabilities including proprioceptive training, audio feedback, enhanced video and "tracing" all help assure that specific desired movements are accomplished and learned.

Balance difficulties during sports-specific movements can be the result of flexibility deficits, strength loss, limited joint mobility, or lack of proper kinesthetic awareness. Additionally, the athlete must fully understand the desired specific movement pattern -- incorrect interpretation of motion that can lead to poor execution.

   The DBS helps the client "define" the feel of movement of their Center-of-Gravity over a stable Base-of-Support

Currently, this unique technology is used by:

I have worked with many patients on the DBS with total knee replacements, hip replacements, spinal stenosis as well as collegiate athletes.  It can be used for hip, knee and ankle stabilization as well as to correct lifting technique. Every time I put a patient on the DBS they were amazed at the immediate feedback.
--Matthew Neumann, ATC

I've really been using the DBS to improve body mechanics and stabilization exercises. I use a lot of Grey Cook's ideas on squatting, 'deadlift' and overhead pressing movements, etc. I've found it very effective to improve body mechanics with these movements. Patients report they can feel how much harder the exercises are and how much more they can tell they are using 'core' muscles during these exercises.The DBS is a great asset to our practice.
--Ken Finley. PT

Golf-Specific Training:
"Better technique can only be achieved by better balance in the swing. The "tracing" feature allows the students to feel and reproduce their action and provides valuable awareness and consistent feedback of their movement. When they can feel the new balance and motion and have the DBS confirm the results, it greatly speeds the learning process and the smiles!"
--Laird Small, PGA Professional
 Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

Improved Performance of Functional Exercises:
Training of specific movement patterns and posturing is used to improve functional capabilities, reduce the risks of injury and aid in rehabilitation. Immediate feedback is crucial to good performance. Utilized for all closed-chain exercises and functional activites the client's progress and feedback is exciting.

"We are using the DBS for ankle injuries, total knee patients, back patients, balance patients, golfers, and stroke patients. It is a fabulous machine!"
--Sue Creel, PT, ATC
 Acucare Physical Therapy, Sioux Falls, SD

"I have been working on improving my posture for the past two years. When I used the Dynamic Balance System, everything finally made sense. I could actually SEE what people were telling me to do with my body and it clicked! The DBS is a great visual tool!"
--K. Friedman-Sloan, MS, LMHC, patient

Click on the following links for examples of using the Dynamic Balance System for improved Exercise Performance:
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Lateral Step-Up Exercise video
Controlled Rotation over Stable Base-of-Support video
Ankle Weakness
Spinal Stabilization with medicine ball
Spinal Stabilization with large exercise ball
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