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"Balance is a necessary component in every successful golf swing! The DBS system provides quantitative and dynamic measurement information on the golf swing. This feedback allows the teaching professional to explain correct motion and the player to "feel" the correct movement. At the PGA Learning Center the DBS system is an important part of our instruction.
My students and I enjoy both the training and practice features of the DBS."

-Rick Martino, Director of Instruction for PGA of America
 PGA Learning Center, Port St. Lucie, FL

"The DBS shows our students the movement of their body and balance during the swing, without being too technical. It is the first time they have an awareness of their balance in the swing and how important it is to improving ball striking and consistency in their game. They get it!

Better technique can only be achieved by better balance in the swing. The "tracing" feature allows the students to feel and reproduce their action and provides valuable awareness and consistent feedback of their movement. When they can feel the new balance and motion and have the DBS confirm the results, it greatly speeds the learning process and the smiles!"

-Laird Small, PGA Professional
 Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

I am honored to have this contribution about the DBS and the Balance Zone Training System from
Carol Mann, LPGA
--Member--LPGA - Hall of Fame
--Member--World Golf Hall of Fame

"At the end of a golf swing, we feel or observe balance. Why? Because we didn't fall over, fall backward or forward! Yet there are times when we do pitch back or out toward the ball, losing our balance, having to catch ourselves to keep from falling over. We usually just ignore it while watching the ball go somewhere we do not want it to go. Unfortunately we don't blame loss of balance for the mis-hit and lost balls and high scores.

I had a student recently that I worked with on his dynamic balance, during the full swing and pitch shots. Late in the lesson when he was doing exactly as he wanted, gaining consistency and quality shots, he said, “I've never seen an article about this in the magazines. Why don't they write about this?” In response all I could do was shrug my shoulders in wonderment too!

I have told Dan Goldstein that I believe dynamic balance is the most invisible part of teaching, learning, and performance.  His dynamic balance measurement technology (DBS) is the last major breakthrough for teachers and players.  Without it we will continue to fail, as teachers and players of the game.

His Balance Zone Training board works very well used for immediate feedback and as an intermittent training tool. "

"If video is like X-ray, then the Dynamic Balance System is the MRI! I can analyze movement more specifically and the rate of learning is amazing!"

-Martin Hall, PGA Professional
 Ibis C.C., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Golf performance demands development of accurate sensory perception. We need accurate feedback to sense the 'feel' of compensation-free balance during the swing. With the DBS, we now have a tool we call our "compensation detector."

-Charlie Cowan, PGA Professional
 Director, Symbiotic Golf at Deer Creek G.C., Deerfield Beach, FL

"The Dynamic Balance System is the best tool I have worked with for showing a student what is happening with one of the most important components of the swing-their balance. Through its' direct feedback capabilities, the DBS helps the instructor teach the right swing for the student. This allows the student to "see what the right swing feels like," thereby communicating a normally difficult concept. I would recommend the DBS to students and instructors alike."

-Kevin Rhoads, PGA Professional
 Instructor, PGA Learning Center, Port St. Lucie, FL

"The most difficult part of teaching the golf swing is explaining the abstract concept of the swing plane. With the Dynamic Balance System, this is no longer a problem! The DBS gives the student instant feedback and the visual of what went right or wrong in their golf swing. In my 21 years of teaching, this is the best teaching aid I have ever seen!"

-Richard M. LeConche, PGA Professional

"The Dynamic Balance System's real-time, visual feedback helps me teach an effective, powerful pivot. It allows me to monitor this power-generating, critical force in the golf swing."

-Rick Bradshaw, PGA Tour Instructor
 Director, Jim Dent-Rick Bradshaw Tour Experience
 Pebble Creek C.C., Tampa, FL

"The DBS makes perception of your balance become the truth!"

-Renea Cowan, PGA Professional
 Symbiotic Golf at Deer Creek G.C., Deerfield Beach, FL

"The Dynamic Balance System is an excellent tool in teaching because it provides instant feedback to the student and can help them determine the difference between what they feel and what is really happening in their golf swing."

-Eric Johnson, PGA Professional
 Instructor, PGA Learning Center, Port St. Lucie, FL

"During my teaching, the video helps me see movement from the outside, while the Dynamic Balance System shows forces from the inside!"

-Peter Hudson, Dir. of Instruction
 Hackers Indoor Golf, Harlow, England

"Balance-both static and dynamic-is crucial to an efficient, repeatable golf swing. The Dynamic Balance System, with its easy operation, takes the guesswork out of learning balance and weight-shifting during the golf swing."

-Annette Thompson, PGA Professional
 Ballen Isle C.C., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"After 15 minutes on the DBS and a few minutes on the practice range, I played some of the best golf of my life during the week of the 2001 World Golf Teachers Cup. I highly recommend the Dynamic Balance System to all golfers for it will help them improve their concept of balance. Like any other sport, balance is the key to a successful golf swing."

-Thomas T. Wartelle
 Director of the World Golf Teachers Federation
 Team USA 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

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