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"I was very impressed with your technology, and it certainly was beneficial to our golfer! After going over his swing on the DBS for about 25 minutes he certainly played well, his swing looked better than I've seen it since he arrived at school. I feel that your product is so important to not only the great player, but also to the high handicapper. Continue with poor balance and you might as well have a glass or two of wine and be satisfied to play mediocre golf, or any sport for that matter."

-Al Mundle, PGA Professional & Collegiate Coach

"The DBS has become an outstanding tool in our training program. Our team captain, a solid player averaging 74 for the year, discovered on the DBS that he was too much on his toes at the top. After several weeks of "DBS training" his next two tournament results produced a pair of 68's. The rest of the team has become DBS believers. Swing thoughts for all the players are - "Right heel going back and left heel going forward". Many thanks for developing this productive training tool."

-Bill Caudill, Northwood University, Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach

"The DBS makes me a better teacher and my clients better learners. The DBS helps translate abstract concepts such as balance and weight shifting into kinesthetic awareness. The DBS dramatically reduces the time it takes a golfer to say Oh that's what I should be doing."

-Michael Frauenfelder, MSPT Supervisor, Occupational & Physical Therapy,
 California Pacific Medical Center

"After 15 minutes on the DBS and a few minutes on the practice range, I played some of the best golf of my life during the week of the 2001 World Golf Teachers Cup! I highly recommend the Dynamic Balance System to all golfers for it will help them improve their concept of balance. Like any other sport, balance is the key to a successful golf swing."

-Thomas T. Wartelle, Director of the World Golf Teachers Federation,
 Team USA 1998,1999,2000,2001

"Balance -- both static and dynamic -- is crucial to an efficient, repeatable golf swing. The Dynamic Balance System, with its easy operation, takes the guesswork out of learning balance and weight-shifting during the golf swing."

-Annette Thompson, LPGA Golf Instructor, Ballen Isles C.C.

"If video is like X-ray, then the DBS is the MRI! I can analyze movement more specifically and the rate of learning is amazing!"

-Martin Hall, PGA Pro Dir. of Instruction, Ibis C.C., PGA Top 100 Teacher since 1994!

"The Dynamic Balance System helps me maintain a perfectly balanced and powerful pivot. I recommend it strongly to any training center or golf school."

-Jim Dent, 12-Time Winner, Senior PGA Tour

"The DBS makes perception of your balance become the truth!"

-Renea Cowan, LPGA Professional, Symbiotic Golf at Deer Creek G.C.

"During my teaching, the video helps me to see movement from the outside, while the Dynamic Balance System shows forces from the inside!"

-Peter Hudson, Dir. of Instruction, European Golf and Leisure Club

"Golf performance demands development of accurate sensory perception. We need accurate feedback to sense the 'feel' of compensation-free balance during the swing. With the DBS, we now have a tool we call our 'compensation detector'."

-Charlie Cowan, PGA Professional, Dir. of Instruction, Symbiotic Golf at Deer Creek G.C.

"I use the DBS every day, with virtually every client, and find it to be extremely helpful both as a diagnostic tool and as a training tool. "

-David Balbi, PGA Pro

"The Dynamic Balance System's real-time, visual feedback helps me teach an effective, powerful pivot. It allows me to monitor this power-genertating, critical force in the golf swing."

-Rick Bradshaw, PGA Tour Instructor, Pebble Creek C.C.

"The most difficult part of teaching the golf swing is explaining the abstract concept of the swing plane. With the Dynamic Balance System, this is no longer a problem! The DBS gives the student instant feedback and the visual of what went right or wrong in their golf swing. In my 21 years of teaching, this is the best teaching aid I have ever seen!"

-Richard M. LeConche, PGA Professional, Eastpoint C.C.

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