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"The Dynamic Balance System has given me instant credibility with the golfing community and has allowed both my golfers and Physical Therapy patients to differentiate between being "in" balance and being "out" of balance. The DBS unit is one of the main reasons I get referrals from golf professionals and physicians."

-Mark L. Archambault, PT, CSCS
 BACKtoGOLF Performance & Fitness, Windsor, CA

"The Dynamic Balance System has not only provided us with a niche service to the golfers in our area, but has also peaked the interest of many of our golf-playing physicians. It has never been easier to get some of these doc's into the office to see what our practice is all about. The system has given us an edge in developing relationships with the golf community and our referral base."

-Frank Rooks Jr., PT, MBA
 PRO Physical Therapy, Wilmington, DE

"Every golfer who has used the DBS is ecstatic about the biofeedback component. As a Physical Therapist, the versatility of the DBS enables me to correct biomechanical swing faults and help prevent injuries. My golfing clients not only improve their balanced swing, but are able to do so at their own pace."

-Bill Case, PT, SCS
 Case Physical Therapy-Golf Performance Center, Houston, TX

"The DBS makes me a better teacher and my clients better learners. The DBS helps translate abstract concepts such as balance and weight shifting into kinesthetic awareness. The DBS dramatically reduces the time it takes a golfer to say "Oh, that's what I should be doing!"

-Michael Frauenfelder, MSPT
 Supervisor, OT and PT, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

"We are using the DBS for ankle injuries, total knee patients, back patients, balance patients, golfers, and stroke patients. It is a fabulous machine!"

-Sue Creel, PT, ATC
 Acucare Physical Therapy, Sioux Falls, SD

"The DBS is an invaluable tool in the evaluation and treatment of balance with our golf clients. The visual and auditory feedback provided allow for rapid re-education of the muscles required for safe and efficient weight transfer."

-Roberta Cascone, MS, OTR/L, CHT and Mo Melleky, RPT
 Back on Course--a Golf-Specific Training Facility, Wallingford, CT

"The DBS is the best teaching aid I've ever run across. I'm serious! If you can maintain your balance through most of the swing, the rest falls in place much easier. The crazy thing is that all this time I thought I had balance, but as I watch my swing on video it is easy to see that I'm falling forward. The DBS has given me a whole new way to practice as far as what to think about while I'm swinging the club. It has made a big difference in my consistency!"

-Kevin Cavaretta, Exercise Physiologist
 New Orleans, LA

Exercise Specialists