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Research Studies:

Clemson UniversityClemson University-2003 NCAA Men's Golf ChampionsDBS Graph Consistency vs. Performance: 2003 Men's NCAA Golf Championship
Data was collected on the DBS to assess the consistency of repetitive golf swings in elite collegiate golfers. This study analyzes the golfer's downswing tempo within repetitive swings, the movement pattern of the golfer's center of gravity (COG), the relative positioning of the golfer's COG, and the distance of relative location of COG at ball contact from center balance; to assess the relevance of consistency in balance as related to overall performance.

Sport CoachCenter of Vertical Force and Swing Tempo in Selected Groups of Elite Collegiate Golfers
The Sport Coaching Journal, Winter, 2005 Vol. 1 No. 2 - Bert H. Jacobson, John D. Stemm, Brady S. Redus, Daniel F. Goldstein, Tanner Kolb, Oklahoma State University. The purpose of this study was to compare center vertical force (CVF) placement at ball contact and swing tempo among college golfers.


Rick Martino: Good balance vital part of game
TC Palm Online, October 3, 2005 - Rick Martino, PGA Professional and Director of Golf Instruction for the PGA of America has written several articles on the importance of balance during golf and the feedback from the Dynamic Balance System-DBS. Mr. Martino uses the DBS daily for instruction and practice at the PGA Learning Center in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Finding a stable base of supportFinding a stable base of support
A Short article on the subject of network marketing and teaching kinesthetic awareness when learning to feel a stable base of support.

Examples of using the Dynamic Balance System for improved Exercise Performance:

Ankle WeaknessAnkle Weakness

Spinal Stabilization with medicine ballSpinal Stabilization with medicine ball

Spinal Stabilization with exercise ballSpinal Stabilization with large exercise ball