"Exercising Controlled Motion"  during functional exercises and sports specific training !!


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Dan Goldstein, MS, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC, GFS

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The Dynamic Balance System - DBS ™ is a precise instructional tool providing real-time computer assisted feedback, designed to monitor the client's weight transfer and motion of their power generating center of gravity.

(Patent #5,697,791 with additional patents pending)

Developed from technology utilized by NASA and expertise in medical rehabilitation

also, the instruction, practice and home/clinic exercise trainer, the

Balance Zone® Training System   (www.balancezonetraining.com)


Exercise Performance: Balance is fundamental to prevent injury, accelerate rehabilitation/ recovery and enhance performance

Sports-Specific Training: Immediate kinethetic and audio feedback, body motion tempo, stability training, & injury prevention

Golf: A powerful golf swing is the result of proper balance and weight transfer -- therefore balance training is considered a fundamental aspect of instruction and practice.

     Available with synchronized video feedback, the DBS is a key component for the professional "Learning Center"

                      The DBS is used daily at the PGA Center for Golf Performance and Learning, Port St. Lucie, FL

"...the DBS is truly a unique 'motor learning' teaching tool."  --TH, Golf Instructor

A quick session with the Dynamic Balance System will demonstrate how improper balance can hurt your golf game and show you a few simple steps to make your swing far more controlled, consistent and effective.

"I believe the DBS is an invaluable tool for better stability in the golf swing. It is the

centerpiece of our technology offerings.  Balance is where your swing begins. The DBS's

instantaneous feedback to the client using a friendly visual format that they "get" right

away !  Amateurs and Pros alike can achieve body awareness, adjust their controlled

balanced motion resulting ultimately in a better golf swing."

--BH, Body Balance for Performance, Tampa, FL

New Deliveries: (see the section "Who's Using It")

Bill Baraban, PGA - Bill Baraban's Academy ForeGolf, GA

Palo Alto Hills & Country Club, CA, - Andrea Hammer, PT

Chuck Cook, PGA - Austin, TX  1996 PGA Teacher of the Year !

Gauti Gretarsson, Physical Therapist - Iceland

           -- using the DBS for rehabilitation and sports specific training for multiple sports

Tracy Chapman - Body Balance for Performance - golf-fitness specialist

           Indianapolis, IN


Just a few of our clients:


The DBS measures the deviation of the body's COG relative to a known, center point on the forceplate -- this unique aspect improves specificity and reliability with training & practice while receiving real-time feedback

Precise Body Motions are critical in Sports, Exercise Performance and Functional Training

Balanced Motion is fundamental for consistent, repetitive functional and sports activities

A precise evaluation and training tool is required to learn the 'feel' of balanced motion.

Following Instructional and Practice programs the student is encouraged to train his/her kinesthetic awareness with the aid of our home trainer-- the DBS "Balance Zone" ® Training System.

Click to watch our promo video
Click to watch our promo video.

The DBS is the training tool choice of the PGA Learning Center & PGA TOUR Academies for learning consistency in specific body motion parameters including address posture, motion to the top of the backswing, tempo, balance, "contact cluster" and target-side stability!

Utilizing testing and training techniques, originally developed for NASA and the medical field, the DBS provides the "New Standard for Golf Instruction".

The DBS utilizes immediate visual feedback from a force platform and enhanced video, to objectively reinforce proper address posture and the "feel" of balance during the swing. The DBS is a requirement for any progressive instructor, advanced golf training facility, club-fitting specialist, and/or Sports Medicine Performance Center.


1. Real-time Immediate Feedback -- studies have shown that feedback within 20 sec. is necessary to improve kinesthetic awareness of specific, controlled motions during Physical Rehab and exercise

2. Client clearly understands if they are standing in balance or using a compensated posture
--do not assume that when clients stand straight that they are in balance--

3. Client learns the feel of functioning within an acceptable Balance Zone® and controlled weight transfer

4. Audio feedback
parameters quickly modified by the instructor

5. Displays of both weight-transfer & true center-of-gravity movements for specificity of training --power during sports requires controlled body motion of the center-of-gravity over the base of support.  The DBS tracks the Center-of-Gravity deviation from a known center position during testing, instruction and practice !

6. Can be synchronized with video feedback to enhance learning

7. Printouts provided for Documenting Progress

8. During sports activities such as golf, baseball, etc. the body position at ball contact and the body's Sequence Tempo is identified which is critical for consistency

9. The DBS is a work-in-progress; studies performed at the PGA Learning Center and PGA TOUR Academies as well as at our multiple user sites provide for an increasing Swing Library which helps us learn how to better communicate the key aspects of controlled body motion during sports and exercises to our clients.

10.Specific Body Motion Parameters have been identified on the DBS graphs and initial evaluations of data demonstrates greater consistencies with professional golfers as compared to higher handicaps. We believe this information will be helpful for golf-specific fitness training, instruction and club-fitting. Data collection and analysis is continuing and the results are shared with the DBS users to assist their clients.

Exercising Controlled Motion:

Learning Specific Movements, Posture & Balance

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The latest news:

Hi Dan:

Here's a Success from working with several students that sums it up more the role of balance and how important it is in the golf swing motion. This is from working with them on my balance awareness drills from my new "Perfect Balance" golf book and your Balance Zone® Training System.

What I saw is that when the golf student reported they "felt" more of the rotation coming from the feet and the lower body, acting as a stable rotational platform, they immediately got the feedback they were looking for, being were more in balance from beginning to end of their swing. (instructor's view).

Each student said they felt improve awareness and sense of balance after the drills and working with The Balance Zone®. Their footwork was better and they hit crisper shots (students view).

--Bob Cisco, President Perfect Balance Golf Schools www.allaboutgolf.us/

Todd Jones, PGA Professional & Senior Master Instructor at the TOUR Academy at TPC Sawgrass is a magnificent faciltiy (as discussed on TV during "The Players") with 2 DBS units-

After The Players I received this from Mr. Kyle Guthrie of the PGA TOUR Academy:

The PGA Tour Academy had a great week and the Dynamic Balance System was the "star" of the week. The TOUR players loved it!

from Todd Jones, PGA Professional

“If the Shaft is the “Engine” of the Club, the Pivot is the “Engine” of the Golf Swing.

To Pivot properly the golfer must not only transfer weight but do so in balance.

The Dynamic Balance System and the Balance Zone® Training Board are undoubtedly the most effective way to train a powerful efficient Pivot.”

Richmond Hill Country Club, Ontario, Canada (here are just several examples)

Golf Pro Lesson Dynamic Balance Analysis

Golf Pro Lesson: Posture and Balance

Golf Pro Lesson Weight Shift

See great quotes from you associates about this unique technology under the heading: